Thursday, August 21, 2008
Santa Barbara-based QAD Inc. said Thursday that the firm's CFO, Daniel Lender, has resigned. According to QAD, Lender resigned to "pursue a new business opportunity." No details on Lender's new role was given. QAD said the firm has begun a search for Lender's replacement. QAD said that Lender's resignation is effective September 12th. QAD is a developer of manufacturing and supply chain management software applications.

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Adjix Launches Web Link Service
Carlsbad-based Adjix has launched a new, web URL shortening service that the firm hopes will attract users who'd like to earn advertising from sending our web addresses to their friends and associates. Adjix launched a new service, which competes with popular web URL "shortening" services like TinyURL and SnipURL, but instead of simply redirecting users to a web page, also places an ad on the page. According to the firm's CEO, Joe Moreno, the free service will pay users every time their link is (More info...)

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EMRISE Completes ACC Acquisition
Rancho Cucamonga-based EMRISE Corporation, a manufacturer of electronics and communications equipment for the defense market, announced today that the firm has completed its $18M cash acquisition of Advanced Control Components. The deal was originally announced in May. ACC develops high frequency RF and microwave devices, and is focused on the military, aerospace, commercial, and instrumentation market. EMRISE said it received financing for the acquisition from Irvine-based PEM Group.

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Interview with Feyzi Fatehi, Corent Technology
We frequently meet entrepreneurs and companies who are looking at developing their own software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings, and at the same time hear about the lack of tools and expertise to work on those SaaS offerings. Aliso Viejo-based Corent Technology ( is looking to address both of those issues, with a suite of software targeted specifically at the emerging software-as-a-service field. We sat down with Feyzi Fatehi, CEO of the firm, who gave us a little background abo (More info...)

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