Wednesday, December 30, 2015
What I Learned In 2015: Jeb Spencer, TVC Capital

All this week, we're featuring reflections on the past year from movers and shakers in the community. Today, we have the thoughts of Jeb Spencer of TVC Capital (, a software focused growth equity fund which just raised a new fund, and has had some great success in the market. TVC Capital has also been a big supporter of socaltech over the years.

What was the biggest news for you or your firm this year?

Jeb Spencer: For TVC, closing on our new $115 million software focu (More info...)

posted on Wednesday, December 30, 2015(Full story)

Sidecar Throws In The Towel
Sidecar, which was attempting to compete against Uber and Lyft in the Los Angeles area, and recently switched over to focus on on-demand delivery services, is shutting down, according to the company's CEO. According to Sunil Paul, CEO of Sidecar, it will cease both ride and delivery operations at 2PM Pacific Time on December 31st. Reason for the shutdown was not given by Paul. Sidecar initially launched into Los Angeles in 2013, into a crowded market which includes Uber, Lyft, and a number of ot (More info...)

posted on Wednesday, December 30, 2015(Full story)

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