NextWave Wireless Launches Multimedia Platform, Signs Partners

San Diego-based NextWave Wireless has launched a new multimedia broadcasting technology for WiMax operators, and signed up a number of partners behind the solution. NextWave launched its MXtv technology Monday, saying that its new technology allows the broadcast of mobile TV, interactive media services, and digital audio through WiMax 802.16e equipment. The firm has signed up Huawei and Alcatel-Lucent as partners in bringing the technology to market. The deal with Huawei, which was also announced Monday, calls for Huawai to integrate NextWave's MXtv technology into its base stations and gateway platforms. NextWave said today that Alcatel-Lucent is in a strategic agreement with the firm to integrate its technology into Alcatel-Lucent's WiMax solutions, and also to work together on interoperability testing starting in the second quarter of 2008. Financial terms of those two deals was not disclosed.