Nirvanix: Use Our Storage, Avoid Disk Drive Shortage

San Diego-based Nirvanix, the provider of cloud-based data storage services, is looking to address a shortage of disk drive storage on the market--by pointing enterprise users toward the firm's own, cloud-based storage services. Nirvanix is looking to take advantage of a disk drive shortage, the result of last year's widespread and devastating floods in Thailand, which managed to take out a significant percentage of the world's disk drive manufacturing capacity. Nirvanix contends that users are saving up to 70 percent on storage by shifting it to the cloud, instead of buying expensive disk drives. Nirvanix did not say if it has any, similar issues with sourcing data storage for its own services, but is looking to convince enterprise users to offload data center issues, power, cooling, purchasing, and other issues to the company. Nirvanix has been targeting it services to enterprise customers in the last few years, providing backup and other cloud storage services to those customers. The company is being run by Scott Genereux.


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