Nirvanix Links Network Storage, Internet Storage Services

San Diego-based cloud storage provider Nirvanix said today that it has rolled out new software, which creates a network attached storage (NAS) server using the firm's cloud computing services. According to Nirvanix, its new network attached storage software allows a standard, 1U server to act as a multi-petabyte NAS device--all using the firm's Internet-based storage services. Nirvanix said that the beta of the software is built using the firm's Storage Delivery Network, the company's answer to's S3 storage services. The new software -- instead of using local disk storage -- instead uses the Internet to connect to Nirvanix servers to store data. Nirvanix explained that the new CloudNAS service is targeted at companies who want to maintain repositories of archival, backup, or unstructured data. The new software supports either Linux (running RedHat 5 or Suse 10), or Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP. No details were given on when the product would be released for general availability.