Nirvanix Offers To Shift Japanese Data

San Diego-based Nirvanix, the provider of cloud data storage, said today that it is offering its customers in Japan the option to move their data to any of its other data centers from Japan, free of charge. The firm operates a data center in Japan, which it says is approximately 200 miles away from the impact area in the disaster zone. Nirvanix also operates data centers in Europe and in the U.S., and says its customers have the option of moving those to those other continents free of charge. The firm said its services in Japan remain normal and are avaliable, and that it has redundant diesel generators, and full UPS redundancy to handle the rolling blackouts in the country. Nirvanix also operates three data centers in the U.S., and one in Frankfurt, Germany. Nirvanix operates a cloud storage service which allows customers to store their data to the Internet via an API and applications.


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