Nomadix Debuts New Wi-Fi Hotspot

Agoura Hills-based Nomadix, the developer of wireless gateways, said Tuesday that it has launched a new product, a all-in-one Wi-Fi hotspot and Internet gateway. The firm--which is now owned by DOCOMO interTouch.--said the new Nomadix Wireless Connect Gateway (NWCG) is aimed at retail chains, restaurants, conference rooms, waiting rooms, to provide secure Internet access for users. The announcement is one of the first major product announcements from the firm after years of patent battles; the company had been embroiled in lawsuits and patent licensing battles with such companies as Hewlett Packard, Wayport, iBAHN, Lodgenet, and a slew of other companies since 2009. The firm announced a patent licensing win with HP back in November of 2012, and in the last year started into more product, versus patent, announcements. Nomadix said its new product is now available from its resellers.


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