OnDemandIQ Acquired By LogiXML

Los Angeles-based OnDemandIQ, a provider of software-as-a-service for managing sales organizations, has been acquired by LogiXML, a McLean, Virgina-based software developer. According to LogiXML Director of Sales and Marketing, Bill Kotraba, everyone at OnDemandIQ will join the firm to become part of LogiOnDemand, its on-demand business intelligence service. OnDemandIQ co-founder Steve Schneider will become CTO of LogiOnDemand as part of the acquisition. Kotraba said that the team from OnDemandIQ will continue to be located in Los Angeles, with that office also becoming an LA office for LogiXML. Both firms compete in the business intelligence sector against firms such as Business Objects and Cognos. The deal is being announced today, but actually closed in mid-May.