OneClickPolitics Takes On Connecting With Elected Officials

Los Angeles-based OneClickPolitics, a new startup headed by former DoneRight founder Paul Ryan, has surfaced, focusing on helping users connect with elected officials. Ryan was the CEO and founder of DoneRight, which was sold to in 2009, and also served as CTO at Overture Services. According to OneClickPolitics, it is hoping to address a common complaint of citizens in the country, which is that it is difficult for average people to contact elected officials. The startup allows users to compose a message which can be delivered via email and fax to elected officials.

The startup is the latest in a long string of politically focused startup in the Los Angeles area, including FreedomSpeaks, headed by Jason Kiesel, which offers a similar tool to OneClickPolitics for connecting with elected officals; Opposing Views, which looks to surface opinions from experts and competing political and other views; and Sodahead, an online site which allows users to debate and discuss issues, including many around political views and opinions.