Opoli Takes On Uber, Lyft With New App

A new, Los Angeles startup has its eyes on Uber and Lyft, saying that is it looking to "one up" those ride sharing apps with its own transportation app. Opoli said its new app lets license, commercially insured professional drivers bid for your ride, letting users select the driver they prefer and get upfront pricing on a ride. The service--which is initially launching in Los Angeles County--said it avoids the issues with surge pricing, final fare surprises, and safety. In addition, the startup is looking to help drivers--who set their own pricing and work when they choose--an issue which bubbled to the surface this week in Los Angeles, with word that dissatisfied Uber drivers are now trying to organize. The new startup is led by Rattan Joea. Opoli said it is hoping to start in transportation, but also offer up the app for lodging, and even services like finding a plumber, pet groomer, or mechanic.