PaeDae Debuts System To Help Mobile App Developers Find New Users

One of the biggest issues facing mobile application developers today, is finding new users among a gigantic sea of applications. A Los Angeles-based startup, PaeDae, is looking to change that with a new platform it is calling BARTR, which it says will let mobile app developers exchange traffic and users.

The new service harkens back to the "link exchanges" and "link networks" that grew during the beginning of the Internet age, where different websites would barter credits (earned from traffic) for placement on other websites--in the hopes that users would discover and visit their sites.

In PaeDae's new BARTR system, the company said that it will let developers earn credits--without transaction fees or surcharges--for advertising other applications, which they in turn can use to spend on advertising to attract game players on other applications. PaeDae was founded by Rob Emrich, Sam Goldberg, and Sam Kim.


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