Pitch Competition Like No Other: A Dating Site For Puppets?

A dating site for puppets? An app to help exorcise possessed kids? For veterans of many a technology startup pitch event in Silicon Beach, it might not be all that far fetched, given some of the wild, wacky, and improbable startups making the rounds today looking for investors. A new technology "pitch competition", Techgladiatr, said it is giving away "beer, BBQ, and cupcakes" as part of a pitch event tonight which will give startups 30 minutes to pitch "a business inspired by a random idea". Techgladiatr said it is gearing its competition towards "comedians pretend to be entrepreneurs and pitch ridiculous business ideas" -- however, given the kinds of startups that regularly appear on the scene -- and some that actually succeed-- it might be difficult to tell the pretend business from the real ones. The event is happening at WeWork Hollywood. (Personal rocket ship company? Space tourism? Smartphone connected smoke detector? Four legged killer robot?)