Postcard on the Run Broadens Focus, Forms On The Run Tech

Los Angeles-based Postcard on the Run, the mobile app developer founded by Josh Brooks, is broadening its focus today, saying it has formed a new, parent company called On The Run Tech. The company said the new company will specialize in building mobile apps to let users create customized, physical products from their mobile device. The new set of mobile apps include Postcard on the Run, Run With It SDK, Postal Gopher and Casetomize. Postcard on the Run allows users to snap photos with their mobile phone, and then send those as real, physical postcards to friends; Run with It SDK is a monetization and marketing tool for brand and app developers; Postal Gopher helps pull up postal addresses; and Casetomize allows users to create their own, custom phone cases for both Android and iOS devices. On the Run Tech also said it has closed a seed round of $1.3M, bringing the total raised by the company to $2.0M; the firm is backed by Selena Gomez, Crosslink Capital, Crosscut Ventures, Siemer Ventures, Miramar Venture Partners, Newport Coast Investments and Double M Capital, among others. More information »


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