Pragmatic Solutions Upgrades Game Software

Westlake Village-based Pragmatic Solutions, which develops the back end infrastructure for the U.S. Army's "America's Army" video game, said Thursday that the firm has rolled out a new software distribution system. According to Pragmatic Solutions and the U.S. Army, the new software uses peer-to-peer protocol for more efficient download of the software, a first-person "shooter" style game used as a recruiting tool for the U.S. Army. Users who download the software will provide P2P access to updates for other users. The new software also includes single sign-in to the software and game server features. Pragmatic Solutions develops software for managing server-side, multi-player online games (MMOG) and other online titles. America's Army is a PC action game which allows young adults to go through virtual Basic Training and U.S. Army-style operations, which is used by the U.S Army to expose its culture and recruit.