Qualcomm Agrees To Settle Gender Discrimination Suit For $19.5M

San Diego-based Qualcomm Incorporated has agreed to pay $19.5M to settle a gender discrimination suit, filed on behalf of its employees, according to class action law firm Sanford Heisler LLP. According to that firm, Qualcomm agreed to the settlement, which requires the technology firm to institute "comprehensive programmatic relief" to ensure that female employees working in STEM and related positions will enjoy equal job opportunities at the company. Sanford Heisler said it had filed the lawsuit on behalf of approximately 3,300 women. The law firm said the settlement came due to an "extensive pre-suit analysis" of Qualcomm's employment and payroll data, and that it hoped the settlement would help level the playing field for women in STEM, who the firm say face persistent discrimination in pay and promotions.