Qualcomm Gets Injunction

San Diego-based Qualcomm said this morning that Federal District Judge James V. Selna has issued an injunciton against the firm's products, as part of an online patent infringement suit against the firm by Broadcom corp. According to Qualcomm, the firm has been ordered to immediately stop selling WCDMA products for the U.S. market whic h were found to infringe on Broadcom products. However, Qualcomm said that it has been provided a stay which allows the firm to sell its QChat and 1x/Ev-DO products until January 31, 2009, for products which were sold before the company was found to be infringing on Broadcom's patents last May. According to Qualcomm, the firm expects to have hardware and software workarounds available in handsets before the end of Q1. The firm also said it will attempt to obtain further relief and clarity from the courts on certain aspects of the order, and that the inability to obtain such relief will likely have an immediate, short-term impact on its handset customers.


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