Qualcomm Loses General Counsel

San Diego-based wireless firm QUALCOMM said today that its general counsel, Lou Lupin, has resigned his position as executive vice president and general counsel, and has been replaced by Carol Lam, the firm's senior vice president and legal counsel. Qualcomm did not give a reason for Lupin's departure, but said that it is now conducting a nationwide executive search for a new general counsel. Lam, who will serve as acting general counsel, joined the firm in February after serving as United States Attorney for the Southern District of California. The position is particularly important for the firm, which is locked in a number of lawsuits with the wireless industry over its patents. Last week, a federal judge ruled that Qualcomm had waived its rights to enforce two technology patents against Broadcom, by concealing documents and patents, and that it committed misconduct during the litigation by failing to produce thousands of relevant documents until after the trial.


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