Qualcomm Taps Bitfone Firmware Technology

Laguna Nigel-based Bitfone has scored a major customer for its over the air firmware technology for cell phones, as Qualcomm announced yesterday that it will offer advanced firmware over-the-air updates on BREW-enabled handsets. Qualcomm announced that the company's BREW development environment for cell phone handset manufacturers will include advanced firmware updating over the air, utilizing Bitfone's firmware updating technology and software from Insignia Solutions. The new capability means that wireless operators and handset manufacturs can remotely update cell phone software, to fix bugs or software flaws, upgrade features, and more. Currently, most cell phones require users to send in their devices to the carrier or bring them into retail sites for any upgrades or fixes, which takes a lot of time and money. Bitfone is backed by 3i Ventures, Nokia, CIR Ventures, Motorola, Flextronics, and others.


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