ReachLocal Launches Trio Of Products, Targets Home Services

Woodland Hills-based ReachLocal said today that it has launched three, brand new services today, including a new website focused on the booking of home services. The new products are part of a push by the company to expand the services it offers to small and medium sized businesses, beyond its roots in helping those firms advertise their businesses online.

According to ReachLocal, it has launched three new products, ReachSite, ReachConvert, and ReachCommerce. ReachSite helps provide search engine optimization, content optimization, and lead capture for companies, to help companies convert visitors into customers. ReachConvert helps notify businesses, in real time, of potential new customers via text message, email, or mobile; the service then automatically sends targeted emails to prospects and helps remind sales staff to follow up those leads. ReachCommerce extends ReachLocal into the e-commerce area, handling everything from booking to payment, particularly for service professionals; the software also lets businesses manage their back end in scheduling, fleet management, invoicing, estimating, and more.

All of those new services were launched in addition to the new consumer service, That new consumer site lets users book home services online or via a mobile app--letting users find a plumber, air conditioning repairman, electrician, locksmith, home cleaner, and more--including setting up an appointment window, and handling payment. That new service also has pre-negotiated prices, and the vendors are pre-screened and background checked.