Realtime Raises $100M, Opens Office In Santa Monica

Realtime, a startup developing technology to help power real-time web applications, said today that it has raised $100M, launched in the U.S., and opened up a new office in Santa Monica. The firm, which was previously known as Internet Business Technologies, said that it has developed a language, xRTML, that helps convert existing, static HTML into real-time, live web applications. The new funding came from BRTech Holding, a Sao Paulo-based technology investment firm. Realtime also opened up a New York office, in addition to existing offices in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, London, Madrid, and Lisbon. The firm said its technology framework works with NODE.JS, Javascript,, Java, PHP, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, and revolves around providing a many-to-many, cloud-hosted messaging system for web applications. More information »


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