Recargo Launches EV Road Trip

In an effort to prove that the company's mobile apps can help get electric vehicle owners all the way across the country, Venice, California-based startup Recargo said it has launched an effort to make an 18-day, 12,000 mile, battery powered trip entirely using an electric vehicle. Recargo said that it is planning to drive a stock, Tesla Model S sedan on a 27-state route, which touches all four corners of the lower 48, hitting Washington, Maine, Florida, and ending in Venice, California at its headquarters. The company said it also hopes to set a Guinness World Record from the attempt. Recargo is hoping to leverage the new network of Tesla "Supercharger" stations in the effort, which until recently would have been very difficult given the lack of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Recargo says the trip will be attempted solo by Norman Hajjar, who is Managing Director of its PlugInsights division.


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