Report: eHarmony Eyes Job-Matching Service

It's not infrequently that we're pitched by a startup saying they are the 'eHarmony for X', referring to the Santa Monica-based online dating and relationship site's reputation. However, is the next 'eHarmony for Jobs' actually eHarmony itself? A report today says that the online dating site plans to launch its own, career service by the second half of the year. The Santa Monica-based company has been in a big push to update the company's image, attract more customers, and grow the company, under charge of returned founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren. It remains to be seen if eHarmony can translate its technology and branding to the job market. There have been a number of companies who have called themselves the 'eHarmony for Jobs' called itself that in August, as has job matching service RoundPegg.


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