Report: Gender Gap In Tech Worst For 18-25 Year Olds

Santa Monica-based salary comparison startup Comparably, which is led by startup veteran Jasaon Nazar, has run a survey of over 10,000 technology employers, to help break down some information about the pay gap between men and women. The startup's survey found that the pay gap is worst for women in the 18 to 25 year old age bracket. According to the survey and accompanying infographics--which compared the gender pay gap by age, ethnicity, level of education, and other factors--women are paid 29 percent less in that age group compared with men in the technology industry. That pay gap was smallest with women over the age of 50, where the gap was only 5 percent overall. Among other tidbits from the survey: the gap for executives was actually negative 2 percent, and women in the administration area getting 7 percent more than men; the worst was for women in finance, who the survey found earned 38 percent less than men on average. They survey also found that Los Angeles had a fairly significant gap in pay between men and women, with a gap of 34 percent between men and women in tech -- which was worse than Silicon Valley, where the gap was 20 percent.