Report: Majority of Snapchat's Audience Are Millenials

It should not be a surprise to users of Snapchat, however, a new report confirms that the majority of Snapchat's audience are Millenials. According to the U.S. Digital Future in Focus Report, released by comScore this week, 71 percent of Snapchat's adult audience are Millenials, between the ages of 18 to 34 years old, with 45 of its users being between 18 to 24 years old. comScore aid it found that Snapchat was the youngest social network among the ones it tracks. Among other tidbits from the report: Myspace apparently is seeing a "renaissance" in its following, with a 469 percent growth rate in 2014, to nearly 40 million visitors; Tinder was the third fastest growing mobile app in 2014, measured per comScore, with a 737 percent increase in year-to-year unique visitors; and LA dominated the top, YouTube channels by desktop unique viewers, with Disney/Maker Studios, Fullscreen, Machinima, and ZEFR among the top ranked properties.