reQall Makes Driving Safer With New Context Aware App

reQall, has rolled out a new app which is aimed at making driving safer. reQall is the developer of predictive, "intelligent" software apps which use your smartphone, Google Glass, or other smart devices and physical context and things like time of day to shape how your apps behave. The startup--led by former Apple visionary and technologist Rao Machiraju--said its new reqallable InCar is a context-aware app, which can detect when a user is in the car via a Bluetooth connection, and which makes it so your smartphone will only acknowledge priority contacts, and will automatically highlight and read critical details from emails and texts, and allow users to reply to those emails and text by voice. The startup--based in Moffett Field--has a significant presence in Ventura. reqallable said the new app is available for Android, and is free. The app is one of several being developed by the company, which has been looking to take an Apple-like visionary approach to software, making it aware of a user's surroundings and automatically adjusting and modifying how those apps work depending on context -- time, location, day of the week, etc.