Retention Science Gets $1.3M For Ecommerce Software

Santa Monica-based Retention Science, a new startup out of the MuckerLab accelerator, is announcing this morning that it has raised $1.3M in a seed funding. The firm, which is developing big data software for helping e-commerce sites to attract and retain customers, said the funding came from Baroda Ventures, Mohr Davidow Ventures, Double M Partners, as well as angels Bong Koh (Lifecrowd), Clark Landry (GraphEffect), Kunal Anand (BBC; MySpace; Gravity), Mike Greenfield (Circle of Moms), Paige Craig, among others. Retention Science is using big data techniques to help model online visitors, and figure out how to convert them into cusotmers. The firm was co-founded b YJerry Jao and Andrew Waage. More information »


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