Roambi Debuts New Cloud Platform

Roambi, the developer of business data visualization apps, has debuted a new cloud-based platform, the company said this morning. The San Diego firm said that its new Roambi Business lets companies load their data onto a cloud-based platform to serve up data visualization via its apps. The move makes it so that users do not have to implement their own infrastructure to serve up data for Roambi's various visualization tools. Roambi's apps let users view and manipulate business data in a highly visual way.

The new cloud-based platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services, and lets any kind of company upload their data to the cloud. The new cloud-based service supports Excel spreadsheets, data from CRM systems, databases, big data, and business intelligence data. Roambi said it is targeting the new cloud service at any kind of company, whether they are a SMB or a Fortune 50 company.

Roambi's visual apps make it easy to view all kinds of data and graphs, and is aimed at executive dashboarding and monitoring of corporate data. The new cloud service includes an app to help users create visualizations on tablets and other devices, administration tools, security tools like remote wipe and file expiration tools; a publishing API; and offline access. Roambi says the new service is priced at $39 per user per month, with a 10 user minimum.