Rockoco Gets $1.5M For Super-Polishing Diamonds

Pasadena-based Rockoco, a spinout of Caltech, has raised $1.5M in a funding round, according to lead investor the Pasadena Angels. Rockoco is developing technology which increases the polish of natural diamonds, beyond previously achievable levels. According to the firm, it will use the funding to move the firm out of its current home at Caltech into its own facility. Rockoco has developed technology--based on etching diffraction gratings, and using standard semiconductor technology--which increases the "fire" of polished diamonds. The firm said the etching creates "countless" small prisms on the surface of stones which increases the fire, brilliance, and value of polished diamonds. Rockoco also said it has scored its first customer--for a $12M order--diamond seller Subari Bros. More information »