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Rubicon Project's Big Winners: Clearstone, News Corp., Mayfield

Who were the biggest winners in the successful IPO of Santa Monica-based Rubicon Project? Based on Rubicon's current price (around $19.24 per share in trading Monday), the biggest winner from the IPO last week was venture capital fund Clearstone Venture Partners, whose stake in Rubicon Project was worth around $121M today; other winners were News Corporation ($91.5M); Mayfield Fund ($79.29M); as well as Rubicon Project CEO and Founder Frank Addante, whose stake in Rubicon Project is now worth a healthy, $58.98M. Rubicon's President, Greg Raifman, now holds a stake worth $11.96M; and CFO and COO Todd Tappin's stake is worth $10.0M. Rubicon's IPO also meant an exit for angel investor Matt Coffin, whose stake in the company is now worth around $648,00


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