SaneBox's New Tool, SaneConnect, Finds Warmer Intros Using Email

Venice, California-based SaneBox, the developer of email tools to help users better manage the flood of emails in their inbox, has rolled out a new product it says can help better figure out who in your company can make a warm intro to potential customers and partners. According to the company, its new product, SaneConnect, analyzes a company's email to help figure out if anyone else in your organization has a stronger relationship with an employee at your target company. The company said the new tool looks at email headers, how often and how many emails have been exchanged, and more based on the domain of a company you want an introduction into. Pricing on the new tool was not announced. SaneBox said it is looking to create a tool that worked better than such services as LinkedIn, which takes into account how strong and recent a connection is to help enable those professional introductions.