Semtech, Others To Launch Internet-of-Things Network In Ventura County

Camarillo-based semiconductor devleoper Semtech, along with two partners, Mueller Systems and Senet, said Tuesday afternoon that they are launching a new wireless, low power, wide-are network in Ventura County using the LoRa networking standard. LoRa is an emerging, interoperable standard for low power, wide are networking protocols, which are aimed at use by the Internet-of-Things (IoT) market. The standard handles exchanging information between battery powered or other low-power devices.

According to Semtech, the new, Ventura County network will be used to wireless track groundwater pumping data in the Fox Canyon aquifer. Semtech said its long-range, LoRa RF technology will be used to synchronize smart meters in the network, without the use of cellular networks. Financial details of the win were not disclosed. Semtech's devices will be attached to water meters.