SG Biofuels Details Hybrid Seed Plans

San Diego-based SG Biofuels, a developer of Jatropha-based seeds aimed at the biofuels industry, detailed its plans for the market today, saying that it is developing proprietary technology for large-scale, Jatropha hybrid seed production. Jatropha is a Central American shrub which has been identified as a good candiate for biofuels production, due to its high oil content. SG Biofuels said its hybrid seed technology results in greater yield, uniformity, and vigor in Jatropha plants used for biofuels. SG Biofuels said its ability to product hybrid seeds is "game-changing" and will allow Jatropha to become a major feedstock for biofuels. SG Biofuels just announced $9.4M in funding a few weeks ago for its technology.