SharesPost Adds Independent Brokers

Santa Monica-based SharesPost, the secondary market for private company shares run by Greg Brogger, announced this morning that it is extending its platform to add independent brokers. The firm said that it has added what it cals "SharesPost Company Specialists" who will offer SharesPost members expertise on specific companies traded on its marketplace, and will help members buy and sell particular firms represented in the marketplace. The firm said that the individual brokers will act as hosts for particular bulletin boards, answer questions, and provide help in connecting with transactions, and are professional, registered secondary market brokers. Among the brokers being added to the program are Larry Albukerk, who the firm said was involved wit private shares exchange EB Exchange Funds; Greg Dietrick, most recently a VP at Thomas Weisel Partners; Peter McDonell, of Advanced Equities, inc. and former founder of broker McDonnell, Inc.; and Tim Sullivan, former of Susquehanna International Group. SharesPost allows early employees and founders of companies, venture capitalists, and angel investors to sell their private shares of stock to others, generating liquidity at venture backed companies who have not yet seen an exit or reached the public markets.


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