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Associate Recruiter
Safire Partners

COMPENSATION: $100-200k w/ salary + bonus, and depending on experience.  
Safire Partners LA's top executive search firm for emerging companies. We place ~100 executives annually with a team of 15 people. 

We have searched for every role in the org including Board Director, CEO, COO, CFO, CRO-VP Sales, CMO-VP Mktg, Head of Biz Dev, CPO-VP Product, CTO-VP Engineering, General Manager, Head of Operations, General Counsel, VP People, and others. 

Our style is data driven, and we conduct a thorough analysis of the entire market for every search. 

The Associate is a critical team member supporting the entire recruiting project. On a daily basis you will be researching companies, filtering and ranking candidate profiles, connecting with potential candidates, initial interviewing, creating summaries with notes / links, writing compelling position specs, and moving the process forward in any way possible. Expect to manage 3-5 searches concurrently and work on ~15-20 annually. 

We all love what we do, hang out together, work long hours together, and feel the gravity of partnering with the most exciting and disruptive companies in the world. 

We will train you in our process, but we need some level of recruiting experience as a foundation.  

The following describes you…
~ Urgency – you cannot imagine leaving for tomorrow what can be done today. 
~ Play to win – ​you attack everything through the mindset of achieving it.
~ Great ​attitude – you are ​positive, proactive, and able to have fun at work and help others do the same.
~ High integrity – you keep your word, follow through, and do what you say you will do.
~ Empathetic – you can feel the heartbeat of the organization. Others trust you and share with you.
~ Hospitable – you love to have people over for dinner and you are a fantastic host!
~ Entrepreneurial – you think outside the box; you can do more with less; you are resourceful and fiscally responsible in the pursuit of business objectives.
~ Flexible – you are willing to adapt as situations change, and are comfortable with ambiguity and constant change.
~ Curious – you have a deep willingness to learn, realize that no one knows everything, and you are comfortable with that and willing to put the work in to acquire new skills as needed.
~ Self-starter, self-motivating, self-aware, self-disciplined, self-improving – you act like a leader, you don’t wait to be told what to do, and if you see trash on the floor, you pick it up.

If you are interested, we are want to know more about you.

Type:Full Time
Location:US - Los Angeles, CA
Contact:Safire Partners
Send a resume to with the subject line: Associate position @ Safire Partners. 

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