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Opportunity for a proactive, experienced tech startup CFO with a sales gene, who has brought in $MM from VC and Strategic Investors, for a tech company in stealth mode. Experience with startups from ground zero. Adept with pre-revenue financial model construction. Must have security background.

WHERE: So Cal based. Office in So Redondo, 2 blocks to beach, 310 area. Can be mostly remote.

MUST HAVE TRACK RECORD OF BRINGING IN VC AND STRATEGIC INVESTORS TO TECH STARTUPS, other investor types not ideal, in any of these industries: Telcos, ISPs, Digital Media, broadcast, Wireless, Data Storage, Data Centers, IT/Data Infrastructure, CyberSec, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, Biotech, Aerospace, Insurance, Financial Services Brokerages, Mission Critical or High Availability Software Dev, e-commerce, payments, and subscription based revenue.

ON RESUME OR COVER LETTER YOU MUST LIST funding amounts you personally brought in from VC and Strategic Investors.

Understand platforms - Mobile Backend as a service (MBAAS), Storage & Security as a Service (SSaaS), SDN, hybrid cloud.

EXPERIENCE: Experienced in advanced information technology B2B startups who have Fortune 100 customers on issues of formation, rounds of funding, stock options, dilution, strategic alliances, M&A, IPOs, high growth, scaling, and international scope.


A hunter, to work hand-in-glove with Founder and strong dedicated team.Have worked well with investors and funders and other stakeholders (shareholders), have had successful exits.

A people person as much as a numbers person.

Have worked well with a Chief Treasury Officer.

Provide stellar, timely and useful management reports, not merely dashboards.

Craft comprehensive and persuasive explanations.

Are a model maker and tool maker. (We can affiliate someone if this is not your strength.)

Not a believer in “let the service provider do it”. We will not outsourcing internal functions (accounting , finance, HR, etc) due to privacy and security concerns.

Strong understanding of all kinds of risk, and the B2B insurance industry.

Has experience with F100s, best of breed, international business, and government entities.

Self-starter, proactive think-ahead problem solver, steep learning curve. field expedient, adaptable.
Strong ethics, perception, intuition, and strategy skills. Neither a YES nor a NO man, but a creator of options with the pros and cons.
Understands best practices are not leading edge.
Interest in disruption/newer/better/faster. Has curiosity, is a pioneer. Wants to be a contributing part of huge disruptive for the better change in the IT industry.
Healthy respect, but not afraid of the Fortune 10.
Prefers to work with technical/scientific/engineering geniuses.

Job Type: Part-time to begin.

Type:Part Time
Location:US - Redondo Beach, CA
Contact:Tech Startup
diana waters 09 AT gmail dot com

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