Shutterkeep Launches Unlimited Photo Storage For Creative Pros

Shutterkeep, a new, Los Angeles startup, said this morning that it has launched a new, unlimited photo storage service targeted at photographers and other creative professionals. Shutterkeep said its service is unique in its support for RAW format photographs and preservation of photos in their original resolution. Most online photo storage services are aimed at consumers, and typically re-size or limit the resolution of the photos stored in those services, making them of limited use to professionals in need of storing their original RAW or high resolution format files. Shutterkeep said its service will cost $20 a month for unlimited cloud storage, with the option for a small, 2TB plan for $10 a month. Professional photographers typically use RAW format files, rather than the consumer focused .JPG file format, because it maintains more information in photographs which can be used to enhance photos with post processing.