Sidecar Expands Deliveries To LA

Wonder why you are sharing your Sidecar ride with a bouquet of flowers? It might be because on demand ride service Sidecar has expanded its new Deliveries service to Los Angeles, where it combines both rides and delivery of packages. Sidecar said Tuesday that is expanding its new service, which ties together both package delivery and on-demand rides for people, into the Los Angeles market, part of a move to boost the earnings of its drivers. Sidecar said that its initial test of the service in the Bay Area have resulted in driver earning up to 75% more. Sidecar said it has tied with partner EAT24 to deliver food from restaurants in Los Angeles, and has also opened up an API to allow e-commerce app developers to tap into its delivery services. The expansion into LA and Boston is part of a larger, nationwide rollout that Sidecar says it plans to start this spring.