Sidecar Shifting Towards On-Demand Delivery

Sidecar, one of a number of on-demand, ride services competing for the LA market, is shifting its services towards on-demand delivery, the company said today. Sidecar announced it has launched a new service called Sidecar Deliveries, which will offer same day delivery of products for companies, and expects that business to be at least 50 percent of its business nationwide this year. Sidecar has been competing against Uber, Curb, Lyft, Flywheel--not to mention plenty of traditional shuttle and taxi services--for the business in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Surprisingly, the on-demand delivery service for products hasn't yet achieved the noise level as the sector has in the Bay Area, although there are a significant number of various food-related delivery services in the area, including Eat Club, AmazonFresh, Fresh Nation, Restaurant On The Run, Instacart, and Google Shopping Express.


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