SlimSurveys, Developed By TweetPhoto Team, Takes On Surveys

If you're a marketer, business, or developer wishing you could run a quick survey of your users, it can be an involved process. However, a new startup, SlimSurveys--created by the same team behind TweetPhoto--thinks it has a better way. The startup, headed by Sean Callahan, says its new service lets users create quick, 7-question surveys which can be answered on a desktop, mobile, or on a user's website. The firm calls itself the "Twitter of surveys".

The three founders of the company, Sean Callahan, Rodney Rumford, and Daniel Marashilian, are all serial entrepreneurs. All three helped drive TweetPhoto, the real-time photo sharing service, to an immensely popular service with over 30 million monthly users, before it was acquired by Lockerz. The new company is based in San Diego.

The company said it developed its tool after taking a look at the current offering of survey tools on the market--which the company says "look just like they did a decade ago"--and which still use antiquated, ugly radio buttons.