SmartSound Offers Free Music To Students

Are you a student or teacher looking to find music for your YouTube video project? Northridge-based SmartSound, the developer of royalty-free music software, told its users that it has started to give out free access to its music for students over the summer. The company said students will have access to its web-based music tracks--which can be customized to mood, energy level, length, and more--in exchange for a link from the schools' .edu or .org domain. SmartSound's PC software is popular with video creators to add customized tracks to videos, which can be modified to fit any time and modulated depending on the mood of a scene. The firm recently began offering up web-based tracks from its library, with a few less customization features. The move to give out free music to students looks to be a smart one for the company, particularly from a search engine optimization angle, where .edu and .org domains have typically been weighted more heavily in search engine rankings, in addition to encouraging the use by up-and-coming consumers.