Snapchat Hit By Spam Attack

Snapchat, the hot Venice-based startup which lets users send self-destructing photos to each other, has been hit by a spam attack, the firm said this morning. According to posts on Twitter, a large number of posts of a "naked lady" were sent to users on the service. Snapchat said that it believes an individual created multiple accounts and sent snaps to Snapchatters with public accounts. Snapchat said that it has temporarily turned of new account creation and prevented Snapchatters from receiving chats from friends they had not previously added on the service.

Snapchat said that "spammers totally suck" and that it was working on a long term solution to the issue. The issue is an interesting one for Snapchat, which gained some notoriety when it was first launched for its popularity for "sexting", although the application is also widely used for not-so-explicit photo messaging between friends.