Snapchat's Spectacles Bot Makes Its First Move

Looking to buy one of Snapchat's new high tech Spectacles? The new product, from Snapchat parent Snap Inc., is only available what Snap is calling the "Snapbot", a vending machine which moves from place to place selling its Snapchat specific, wirelessly enabled camera. The Snapbot--there's only one, so far--was most recently in Venice, not far from Snapchat's headquarters--but now appears to be en route to another location. The timer on Snapchat's "Find a bot" link shows around 20 hours before the Snapbot shows up somewhere else. It's unclear if the Snapbot is moving somewhere within Los Angeles, or will appear somewhere else in the world; the company hasn't said how far and wide it intends to move its eventual network of vending machines. Snapchat's sunglasses can automatically record 10-second videos, and upload them wireless to Snapchat.