Solarflare Gets $20.5M More

Irvine-based Solarflare, the developer of high speed, low latency 10GbE server adapters, has raised $20.5M, according to a regulatory filing from the firm today. Details on the funding--part of an ongoing, $24.1M fundraising effort--have not been announced by the company. The funding follows the exit of Solarflare from the 10Gbps Copper PHY market earlier this month. Solarflare sold those assets to an un-named semiconductor vendor--believed to be Marvell--and shifted its business away to the server adapter market. The filing indicates three investors have so far invested in the round, buying into the firm's new vision of becoming a 10Gbps server adapter maker. Solarflare just announced today that its adapters were selected and used as part of a multi-vendor benchmark test of 10GbE adapters with IBM. More information »


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