Solarflare Rolls Out 10GBASE-T Transceiver

Irvine-based Solarflare Communications reported today that it has started sipping out a new, 10GBASE-T PHY transceiver, used for transmitting 10 Gigabit Ethernet over standard copper network cabling. The new silicon includes a new PHY, the 10Xpress SFT9001; and a vNIC controller, the SFC4000E. The firm said that the new generation of its PHY will sample in May to "top-tier" switch and server OEMS; the firm's new vNIC controller is currently sampling at server OEMs and other customers. Solarflare's products are targeted at the high speed, 10 Gigabit Ethernet market, where the firm's semiconductors are used to enable high speed networks over copper, instead of more expensive fiber connections.