Solarflare Ships Networking Middleware

Irvine-based Solarflare Communications, the developer of 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapters, said today that it has released a new app acceleration middleware product targeted at financial services, geosciences, biosciences, weather and other high-performance computing (HPC) applications. According to SolarFlare, the new middleware, EnterpriseOnload, is based on the Linux open source project OpenOnload, helps reduce applicationlatency by 50 percent and increase message rates by 3 to 4 times in high performance computing applications. The firm said the new product is different from OpenOnLoad, in that it offers validated source code, documentation, bug fixes, regular releases, and technical support. OpenOnLoad is a project which optimized the TCP/UDP/IP networking stack in Linux to better take advantage of low latency interconnects. Traditional network drivers--designed for legacy equipment--are a well known bottleneck in the ability of applications to take advantage of low latency networking products like those from Solarflare. Pricing on the new software was not announced.


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