Southern California Accelerator Report Card: Q1 2013

There's been a lot of activity over the past two years in the Southern California accelerator/incubator market, with numerous groups (Amplify, EvoNexus, K5, LaunchpadLA, MediaCamp, Science, StartEngine, and many, many others) looking to help entrepreneurs start and fund their companies. But, how successful have they been? Although it might still be on the early side for an analysis, we've run our numbers again to figure out who's having the biggest success so far in the market, where entrepreneurs are most likely to find capital providers hanging out, and where (if anywhere) are exits happening? We've analyzed our database of angel and venture capital deals, looking at venture capital deal activity, exits, and more, to try to track what exactly is happening at local accelerators, to try to help prospective entrepreneurs, partners, venture firms, and others understand the landscape in the region. Title image courtesy Bigstock

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