Soylent Co-Founder Faces Criminal Charges Over Derelict Cargo Container

The co-founder of Los Angeles-based Soylent, which is developing a food replacement drink intended to completely replace the need for eating, has been criminally charged by the Los Angeles City Attorney. Robert Rose Rhinehart Jr., the co-founder of Soylent, is being criminally charged with multiple counts over a derelict cargo container he apparently installed without permits--and refused to remove--on a property in Monetcito Heights. According to City Attorney Mike Feuer, Rhinehart faces up to two years in jail and $4,000 in fines, for allegedly performing unpermitted work and refusing to remove a vandalized and abandoned cargo container on his property. Soylent--unfortunately named after the dystopian movie "Soylent Green", where the world is running out of food to feed its population, Charleton Heston finds out that "Soylent Green is People!"--hopes to allow people to completely skip eating and cooking meals, and just down a drink for all their nutrient needs.