Soylent Launches New Product With Soylent 2.0

Los Angeles-based Soylent, the startup which is looking to replace food and eating with an all-inclusive drink that contains 100 percent of the nutrients a human needs without the need for actually eating food, has rolled out a new version of its product it is calling "Soylent 2.0". The unfortunately named startup--not to be confused with the depressing, dystopian Charlton Heston movie of the identical name--says its new product is entirely vegan, and uses--wait for it--"farm-free, algae sources" for half of its fat energy.

Soylent said the idea behind Soylent 2.0 is to "free customers from crowded lunch lines at fast food restaurants" and end hunger after "inadequate breakfasts". Soylent's infamous movie namesake famously included an all-inclusive food item called "Soylent Green", ostensibly made out of "high-energy plankton" which ended up being made of recycled humans. The real life Soylent has raised more than $20M in venture funding from Andreessen Horowitz and Lerer Ventures, along with others, and is led by Rob Rhinehart.


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