Soylent Supplier Cuts Off Supplies, Takes Issue With Recall Handling

A major supplier of supplies to Los Angeles-based Soylent said on Tuesday that it has suspended its supply of all of its ingredients to Soylent, after Soylent had blamed the company's algal flour for the violent gastrointestinal distress suffered by some of its customers. According to TerraVia Holdings, it has suspended supplying Soylent with all of its ingredients, effective immediately saying it is "surprised and disappointed" that Soylent has implied its algal flour was to blame for the high profile issues. TerraVia said the move is damaging its business, and said Soylent had not conducted a full investigation of their formulations. Soylent had pulled is Soylent Bar from the market in August, and then followed up with a recall of its powder in October after reports that its users were getting violently sick after eating the food alternative. Soylent is developing products which provide all the nutrition and vitamins needed for users, so they can completely skip eating traditional meals.


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