Space Geeks Rejoice: JPL Opens Doors This Weekend

Southern California has seen a big increase in interest in space recently--particularly with the success in the last few weeks of one of the area's highest profile, venture backed startups, SpaceX, delivering a spacecraft to the International Space Station. However, the region's spaceflight roots run deep, with one of the anchoring institution being the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. This weekend, JPL is once again opening up its doors to the public, in its annual open house, which allows anyone to hear about the work at JPL, interact with scientists and engineers, and more. JPL has helped to contribute to Southern California's technology industry, by spawning off a number of technology spinoffs; contracting out work to smaller science and engineering firms; and attracting talented scientists and engineers to the region. JPL is expecting 38,000 visitors over the next two days at its open house event.


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